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Restorative Yoga e-Book

Free 35-page Restorative Yoga e-Book. Get your practice started at home.

2021 Lunar Calendar

Your choice of 4 large, fully printable 2021 Lunar Calendar designs.

An Introduction to Restorative Yoga

What’s Inside ?

Time to take a break? Rest is essential for both mental and physical health. Learn why we need it, but also how to mindfully practice at home with my free 35-page e-book below. 

What is restorative yoga? The science of rest

3 core poses for you to try at home. Including set up, benefits and key practice notes.

2021 Lunar Phase Calendar

What’s Inside ?

Traditionally in Ashtanga yoga we honour the lunar cycles and take a break from practice on the days of the new and full moons. Keep up to date with the moon's journey.


4 x Dreamy 2021 Lunar Phase Calendar designs


Fully printable 30 x 40 cm format. Perfect for your practice space


Northern and Southern Hemisphere versions


Added bonus: Moon phase meanings

"Many come to their first yoga class expecting an exercise class or stretching routine. My goal is to show you that yoga is so much more than a mere tool for improving strength and flexibility. It is first and foremost, a philosophy for living. It is an integral part of whole-being wellness, and it will change your life... the touching your toes is just a happy byproduct."

Lucy Connor

Founder of Prescription Yogi and Yogic Prescriptions